Encourages customer loyalty

Increases purchase spend and velocity Not only does a Blank Plastic Business Cards look much better, it adds a number of features.

How to make money with gift cards:

Small businesses offering gift cards know that gift cards are a sure way to encourage repeat business and guarantee customer loyalty.

  • Gift cards make a great gift.
  • How well does your card show off your business’s brand? Make it great!
  • Get the gift cards you really want.

Whatever you can print on paper can nearly always be printed on plastic.

So get started by choosing the card that’s the most suitable for you.

The back of your Gift Card. Our custom gift card printing allows for the card back to be just as customizable as the front. In most cases, it’s printed in black for easier reading.

We offer full color on the card back is an option at no additional cost, to make your card POP!

Use the space to describe details of the program, list store location and hours, and promote your business’s website. Print custom gift cards unique to your business.  Gift cards can be reused, reloaded and works very well with your point-of-sale systems.

Plus, gift cards are great marketing tools to help you boost customer loyalty and grow your revenue! PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS: They’re a great business option, being usable for membership or loyalty cards.

Whether you’re passing out contact information or want to create something special for VIPs, our plastic business cards are a great way to get attention.

Not only does a plastic card look much better, it adds a number of features.

The flexible and durable PVC plastic keeps each card in great shape no matter what. Tips for plastic business cards

Waterproof and durable, plastic cards are great for loyalty and membership programs.

Designs that use bright colors are perfect for this high-gloss plastic

Grab even more attention by printing on both sides - these attention-grabbing, unique cards stand out.

Ballpoint pens don’t work well on plastic cards, so use a black permanent marker instead.

Does the design on your business card had that special eye-catching factor? Plastic business card printing which lasts for years and years. Impress your perspective clients when you hand out plastic business cards at a meeting or trade show.

Our premium-quality plastic is sleek and instantly stands out against flimsy, dull-looking paper cards. All our plastic business card printing is on material that is durable, waterproof, and tear-proof.  Clear, Frosted and White Plastic: What's the Difference?

White Plastic / White plastic is our standard plastic business card and provides a classic opaque background for a design of your choosing.

White plastic allows for full-color printing on both sides of the card. Printing on both sides is an excellent way to highlight your company logo, name, and information. Frosted Plastic / Frosted plastic business cards have a semi-transparent appearance and matte surface.

The frosted finish puts the focus on the information printed on one side.

Clear Plastic / Clear plastic business cards are transparent on both sides, only allowing printing on one side. The plastic is shiny to showcase the printed information.

Combine the Right Shape and Size Create business cards in a standard rectangle shape or opt for a square. Both come with rounded corners so you can fit them in your wallet and pull them out as needed.

Our recommendation is to opt for the 3.375 x 2.125 size for a rectangle design, which is the same size as a standard credit card.

We offer a unique oval shape, for businesses that aim to stand apart from the competition.

Get all your plastic business cards printed with us today.

Our friendly print experts are waiting to help you get started on your order.


Based on your selection of plastic material, Each of the white sections on your designs will appear to be either white, frosted or clear. All white areas on your design will be either clear, frosted, or white depending on the plastic that you choose for your card. Since the material highlights your company logo and information, it’s recommended that you opt for bold and dark colors to maximize our full-color printing and to contrast the plastic material.

Can I apply sequential numbering, variable printing, and magnetic strips on the plastic card?

  • No, we don’t offer these features for plastic business cards.
  • However, you can use these features with other promotional tools like loyalty cards for your customers.
  • What does “turnaround time” mean?
  • Turnaround represents the number of days required to print your job.
  • It does not include shipping or mail processing time.

All turnaround times are calculated based on business days. Turnaround time excludes national holidays. Plastic Business Cards

Finding the right plastic card for your business can be difficult. Lots of people are unsure whether they want clear, frosted, or non-transparent plastic. We check all orders by hand to make sure only high-quality designs are printed so you’re printing experience is worry-free.

Our customer service specialists double-check each order to ensure that your print is correct and your design comes out the way you want it. If you have trouble with your design or need help with changing an image or design, we would be glad to help you.